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"SUMMER HARVEST" Extended Frying-Life Rapeseed Oil

15 Litre Bottle-in-a-Box

This premium quality extended-life rapeseed oil contains DMPS, an anti-foaming agent. The amount of DMPS in the product is only 5 parts per million (PPM) but even this small amount assist in the prevention of premature oxidation.  

DMPS is a processing aid as opposed to being classed as an additive.

There are 60 Bottle-in-a-Box containers on a pallet.

About Henry Colbeck

Henry Colbeck Limited offers a comprehensive range of edible oils & fats to food processors. Rapeseed Oil. Sunflower Oil. High Oleic Sunflower Oil. Soyabean Oil. Palm Oil. Olive Oil. 1000 Litres. 20 Litres. 15 Litres. 10 Litres. 5 Litres. 12.5kg.

Henry Colbeck Limited, established in 1893, is a family owned and managed business.

Our 12,000 square feet edible oil processing and packing facility in Gateshead houses a 250 tonne capacity edible oil storage facility. We believe that our processing operation is unique in the U.K. due to the care that is taken to maintain our liquid edible oil in prime condition. Nitrogen is introduced as the oil is pumped into the storage tanks, forcing out the oxygen dissolved in the oil. The oil is stored in stainless-steel tanks and is blanketed with Nitrogen preventing further oxidation.