Vegetable oil is an oil that is derived from a plant.

Many businesses use Vegetable oil but do not know which type they are using, resulting in the wrong type of oil being used for their intended application.

Cooking oil preference typically is down to personal preference based on an oils price or taste however it is important that you continue to check the label on the packaging to ensure that you pick and use the correct Vegetable Oil for your business needs.

Below are some facts and information which may help you decide which oil is best for you.

Types of Vegetable Oils

Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed Oil  is an excellent oil for cooking due to its high smoke point and is lower in saturated fat than other Vegetable and Non-Vegetable oils.

Sunflower Oil

Due to its genetic makeup Sunflower Oil isn’t a suitable oil for frying however is a great oil to be used in bakery produce. High Oleic Sunflower Oil however is an excellent frying oil due to its high level of monosaturated fat meaning the oil is less likely to break down at high temperatures.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is an excellent oil for drizzles and dressings however is not a suitable option for frying as this oil deteriorates quickly at high temperatures which significantly affects its taste.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is mainly used as a binding agent for spreads, biscuits etc however Hard Palm Kernel Oil  is mainly used in the production of Ice-Cream.

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