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We’re a knowledgeable and reliable team and we will help and guide you through the process of selecting and buying the oil that is right for your product. Our approved suppliers keep us updated about the oil-seed crop and we follow daily market oil prices to ensure that we are very competitively priced.

Our Process

We have refined our process to ensure that there is a very quick turnaround meaning our customers receive the freshest oil on the market. Contact with oxygen plays a major part in oil-breakdown and we do everything possible to ensure that our oil is kept away from it, so you receive it in prime state.

To keep the oil in peak condition, we nitrogen sparge it, as it is transferred to our holding tanks. This process ensures that any oxygen in the oil is forced out; once in the tanks the oil is blanketed with nitrogen to prevent any contact with the air.

A tanker of oil arrives from our supplier. All paperwork is fully checked and signed off before the oil can be transferred into our holding tanks. A sample of the oil is also taken upon arrival.

The oil is then Nitrogen sparged meaning that Oxygen is removed to prevent oxidization therefore prolonging the oils shelf life. Once this step is complete the oil is then transferred into our holding tanks at our oil filling facility.

After 1-3 days in our holding tanks, the oil is then decanted into 1000L IBC’s or 20L drums ready for distribution.

Once the oil is packed it is then distributed Nationwide with any empty IBC’s being collected, returned and washed in our specially commissioned IBC washer ready to be refilled again.

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on our customer service and being more than just a supplier. Our customers are regularly kept up to date on market conditions, market prices, contract updates and more! We also ensure to provide a quick delivery service to our customers.

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Tested & Traceable

Our oil has full traceability and every delivery that you receive from us is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. We also have technical documents for each oil, these are available on request from our QA Team.

We can help with new product development by providing advice and samples of oil to your NPD team to allow them to carry out the necessary testing prior to deciding.

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