We are proud of the oils we sell and utilise free of charge, recyclable, protective shrouds on our IBC’s, after filling, for a variety of reasons:

  •   To keep the oils in the best possible condition – less exposure to light means less natural oxidation.
  •   To keep the outer of the IBC’s protected during transit, so they arrive at their destination in the best condition possible – cleanliness and hygiene in the food supply chain is vital.
  •    To denote the type of oil being supplied, our shrouds are Henry Colbeck branded and colour-coded: eg Yellow for Sunflower Oil, Blue for Rapeseed Oil – this is a visual check that helps our Teams know at a glance which oil they are storing, picking, loading and delivering.
  •   To provide an added extra to our quality service for our valued customers – after all, our Brand Promise is that ‘We’re More Than Just A Supplier!’.

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