At Colbeck Edible Oils we have increased our number of oil storage tanks from 6 to 8 due to company growth and demand for our service. The extra capacity now means that we can store 240MT worth of edible oil on site at our oil filling facility in Gateshead.

The tanks were specially commissioned for us to suit our needs as a business and to fit into the space we had available. As a result, the tanks are slightly taller than our existing tanks but smaller in circumference; ensuring that the new tanks can store the same amount of oil as our current tankers.

The two new tanks also have agitators fitted allowing us to supply customers with bespoke blended oils. The extra storage capacity means that with an ever-increasing demand for edible oils, it will help us to keep our lead times to customers a minimum therefore ensuring that we can provide the best customer service possible for our customers.


Why is it important to have extra storage on site?

Our Rapeseed Oil comes from the UK which normally means that lead times are not an issue however vehicles transporting the oil can break down. In the event of this happening, our in-house storage will act as a back up allowing us to continue to supply our customers.

Additionally, our Sunflower oil comes from the EU which again means that sometimes we are subject to a delay in the delivery of this oil.

We hope that by managing our back up supplies of oil, we are able to continually provide the best service in our industry.


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