Why do Bulk Oil prices change daily?



          The Oils we sell are commodities and this means the price moves with the market, based on a number of factors.

          Social, Economic, Environmental and Political factors can all influence the price of commodities daily.

o   Eg: If the currency exchange rate changes, so will the price.

o   Or if there is a hurricane that wipes out large areas of crops, this will have an adverse effect on the price.

          Supply and demand also largely affect the price of the Oil.

o   With little supply but high demand prices will rise. If there is high supply with little demand prices are likely to fall.


With so many factors affecting price, it’s hard to know when to secure the Oil you require for your business.

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Factors Affecting Oil Prices

Economic Factors

E.g. Currency and exchange rates

Environmental Factors

E.g. Pollution which could cause major environmental events to occur

Policical Factors

E.g. Elections can impact the ecomony

Social Factors

E.g. Buying habits and lifestyle choices

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